Hunt the KQDC

What is the KQDC? 74,000 acres of forestland open to public hunting
For more on the KQDC, click on What is the KQDC

Why Hunt the KQDC?

– It’s FREE! Landowners provide habitat through timber harvest and wildilfe improvement areas.

– Deer are healthy, well fed, bucks have nice racks.

– Good access, well-maintained and marked roads. Most deer harvested within 1/4 mile of roads.

– There are “wilderness areas” for isolated hunting where you can get away from other hunters.

– Enough hunters to move deer, but not tons of hunters.

– Lots of forage & hiding areas for deer.

– Can hunt during all legal deer seasons.

– Can take harvested deer to check stations for info.

– Get ticket to banquet & raffle if deer checked at check stations or roving checks.

– Contribute to science & management by taking deer to check stations for monitoring deer health.

– Relax with friends & family in local motels/camps, restaurants, utilize local sporting goods shops.

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How to Hunt the KQDC

In the past, with high deer density, you could simply drive the KQDC roads, pick out your deer, and bag it.  Now, with deer density less than half what it was in the ’70s and ’80s, you have to put more effort into hunting.

– Scout the area before the season.  Learn where deer feed and hide.  Check out the terrain for deer trails, deer rubs, and wallows.

– Learn from the successful hunters:

   a. 65% bag their deer by still hunting (slowly walk, stop, and watch through prime deer habitat, letting deer come to them).

   b. 25% bag their deer from tree stands. Temporary stands are allowed-place them near feeding areas and travel zones.

   c. 5% bag their deer with drives, where hunters walk through deer cover on line, driving deer towards hunters on line.

   d. A few still drive the roads, but are largely unsuccessful and complain about not seeing any deer.

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