Kinzua Quality Deer Coop: Deer Season Kick-Off October 25, 2015

October 1, 2015 kqdc.coor KQDCKQDC Blog

The Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative (KQDC) has the information you need to enjoy hunting Allegheny Whitetails even more this 2015 season. At our deer Season Kick-Off event, you’ll find booths from the KQDC with info about roads, recent timber harvests, spring pellet counts, and more. There will also be booths from the Federated Sportsmen of […]


Roads Opened for 2015 Hunting Season

October 1, 2015 kqdc.coor KQDC

The Allegheny National Forest has published the list of roads that have been opened for the 2015 hunting season. http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprd3856671.pdf


Pellet Group Counts on the KQDC to measure white-tailed deer abundance

April 22, 2015 kqdc.coor Deer ManagementKQDCKQDC BlogLandownerUncategorized

It’s a cool 37 degrees Fahrenheit as Alex Royo and I step out of the Forest Service truck and on to the muddy forest road. With the meteorologist calling for sun and a high of 66 degrees by lunchtime, I am already faced with the day’s toughest decision – do I keep my warm jacket […]


Deer Check Stations Open for Three Days During Deer Season

November 19, 2014 kqdc.coor Check StationsKQDCKQDC BlogLandownerUncategorized

Deer hunters who harvest a deer on or near the Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative (KQDC) are encouraged to bring their deer to the deer check stations open from 10:00am to 6:00pm on December 1, 2, and 6.   Hunters who bring their deer to the check station will receive a free raffle ticket for a […]


Winner of KQDC Check Station Raffle

January 17, 2014 kqdc.coor Check StationsDeer ManagementKQDCKQDC BlogLandownerUncategorized

Here’s the 2013 Check Station gun raffle winner! This is R. Kaltenbaugh from Sandy Lake, PA with Ken Kane, from Generations Forestry representing the Bradford Water Authority of the KQDC, wearing the KQDC hats that we gave away this year.


Check Station surprises

December 3, 2013 kqdc.coor Check StationsDeer ManagementKQDCKQDC Blog

Yesterday was off to a great start at the check stations.  First day totals at the check stations Harrison’s 16, Willows 11 for a total of 27 deer checked.  Biggest deer at the Willows was a 170 lb, 8 pt. that was 6 1/2 years old aged by Mary, one of our volunteers. We’ve added […]


PA Outdoor News Article about the KQDC

October 15, 2013 kqdc.coor Deer ManagementKQDCKQDC BlogUncategorized

If you don’t receive the Pennsylvania Outdoor News, here’s a copy of a recent PA Outdoor News article about the KQDC Fall 2013. PA Outdoor News is a subscription based publication that covers all things hunting and fishing that is relevant to Pennsylvania.  The Outdoor News also covers several other states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, […]


Oct. 1, 2013 Trail Cam Pictures from the KQDC

October 1, 2013 kqdc.coor Deer ManagementKQDCKQDC BlogLandowner

More trail cam shots from across the KQDC. The velvet has come off now, and the rut is drawing ever closer. Whether you are a hunter or a wildlife viewer these pictures are exemplary of the efforts of the KQDC to manage the habitat in a way that is sustainable. And not just of deer […]


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Trail Cam Shots on the KQDC

September 16, 2013 kqdc.coor Deer ManagementKQDCKQDC BlogLandowner

It’s that time of year where scouting is full blown and hunters are making decisions on where they will spend their time hunting. We’ve had these shots come in from one of the trail cams on the Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative (KQDC) in northwestern Pennsylvania. If you have never hunted in Pennsylvania then hopefully these […]


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Collins Pine- Rec Policy

September 5, 2013 kqdc.coor Deer ManagementKQDCKQDC BlogLandowner

A note from Collins Pine: Recreational Use of the Collins Pennsylvania Forest              The Collins Companies would like to take this opportunity to provide the following information about our Pennsylvania lands known as the Collins Pennsylvania Forest (CPF). Collins Pine Company is a privately owned company that was started by […]


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