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A note from Collins Pine:

Recreational Use of the Collins Pennsylvania Forest

             The Collins Companies would like to take this opportunity to provide the following information about our

Pennsylvania lands known as the Collins Pennsylvania Forest (CPF). Collins Pine Company is a privately owned company that was started by T.D. Collins in Forest Co. Pennsylvania in 1855. Since that time the company has acquired ownership of 167 separate tracts totaling 118,000 acres located in seven counties of


northwestern Pennsylvania. The primary purpose of our land ownership is to grow and harvest timber on a sustainable basis. Most of our logs are processed at our Kane Hardwood facility in Kane, PA. We are not involved in any hunting leases or development programs.

We recognize that along with this land ownership comes a commitment to the neighboring communities, adjacent landowners and the public that may wish to use our land for recreational purposes. To comply with the laws, provide for safety and maintain consistency throughout the CPF, the following policies have been developed:

1.All of our land is enrolled in the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Forest-Game Cooperator program. This program ensures that all the land is open to the public for hunting, fishing and trapping without charge. The Game Commission enforces the applicable rules of the program.

2.The land is open without charge for dispersed non-motorized recreation such as hiking, skiing or camping.  Long term camping (longer than 9 consecutive nights) is not permitted.  Vehicles and equipment must not be left unattended overnight.

3.Most of our gated roads are opened during part of the deer season so as to provide access to hunters by use of licensed, inspected and insured motor vehicles which are street legal in PA.

4.In accordance with PA State Law, ATV’s, snowmobiles and other off road vehicles are not allowed to be operated at any time or place, including the plant site.

5.Dumping, littering, and firewood cutting are prohibited.  Collecting down, dead wood for campfires is permitted (NO CHAINSAWS).

6.All hunting stands and blinds must abide by PA Game Commission regulations and must not damage trees.  Stands and blinds are permitted from opening of archery season and must be removed immediately following the end of the late muzzleloader season.

We strive to be a good neighbor and welcome comments and input on this policy or any aspect of management of the Collins Pennsylvania Forest lands.  Submit comments or questions to: or P.O. Box 807Kane, PA16735

Hunting & Deer Mgmt. Assistance Program (DMAP) information at

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