Deer Check Stations Open for Three Days During Deer Season

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Deer hunters who harvest a deer on or near the Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative (KQDC) are encouraged to bring their deer to the deer check stations open from 10:00am to 6:00pm on December 1, 2, and 6.


Hunters who bring their deer to the check station will receive a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a new rifle plus a free orange hat while supplies last. Last year, R. Kaltenbaugh from Sandy Lake, PA won the raffle.

The Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative (KQDC) deer check stations will be at two locations:


  • Timberdoodle Flats Wildlife Area (across from Harrison’s Fire Grille) – 3739 Route 59 (the junction of State Routes 59 and 321) in Marshburg, PA
  • The Willows Restaurant – 2669 West Washington Street (the junction of State Route 346 and Forest Road 173) west of Bradford, PA

 All deer are weighed, aged, sexed, and characteristics of antlered deer such as antler spread and beam diameter are measured. The data collected provides critical information used in managing the health of the herd.

Brad Nelson, wildlife biologist for the KQDC, said this will be the 13th year that hunters have brought deer to the check stations. We now have a record of changes in the deer

Local location of KQDC

Local location of KQDC

herd since before antler restrictions, 2-week concurrent buck/doe season, and the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP). For example, when the KQDC first started in 2001 adult bucks were averaging about 114 pounds. Today, the average weight of a KQDC adult buck is 141 pounds. Proportionally similar weight gains have occurred in does and fawns.

New this year, scientists will be collecting ticks and blood samples from deer to gain insight on how prevalent Lyme Disease is in the Allegheny region. Ticks and blood samples will be tested for bacteria that cause Lyme Disease, babesiosis, and human granuloctic anaplasmosis.

“Hunters play a vital role in managing deer populations and we are appreciative of all the hunters who support their sport by bringing deer to the check stations,” said Nelson. We encourage adult hunters who are introducing youth or new hunters to the sport, to stop by the check station and see first hand how data on each deer is being collected.

“Bring a doe to the check station and double your odds of winning a free rifle,” said Ken Kane, raffle organizer. “Last year, less than 50 hunters participated in our first rifle raffle. That’s pretty good odds for any raffle. Bring in a doe and get two raffle tickets.”

Brad Nelson
KQDC Coordinator


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