Kinzua Quality Deer Coop: Deer Season Kick-Off October 25, 2015

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The Kinzua Quality Deer Cooperative (KQDC) has the information you need to enjoy hunting Allegheny Whitetails even more this 2015 season. At our deer Season Kick-Off event, you’ll find booths from the KQDC with info about roads, recent timber harvests, spring pellet counts, and more. There will also be booths from the Federated Sportsmen of PA, the Quality Deer Management Association, and others. Qualified Boone and Crockett Scorers will be on hand to measure up to 20 deer racks. If you have a rack you would like measured you must pre-register by calling 814-563-1040 between 10am and 2pm Monday through Thursday. You’ll meet other hunters to swap stories, and you’ll learn the latest about the latest in deer research.

12:30 – Doors Open
1:00 – Dr. Karl V. Miller – “Factors that Affect Deer Movements”
2:15 – Meet the film-makers, see the film: “Pursuing the Allegheny”
3:00 – Dr. Karl V. Miller – “New Research on White-Tail Deer Vision
4:00 – Doors Close

All for FREE in the University Room, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
View the Flyer: DeerSeasonKickOffFlier(2-sided)
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